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Unlock the power of DITA-XML with DITAxPresso

Streamline your unstructured to DITA-XML content method and edit or publish the DITA content using the DITAxPresso interoperability utility toolkit. Manage DITA content sources from GitHub, DITA CCMS, or any branded Cloud Platforms for a cost-effective solution.

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Edit and Publish Your DITA Source Using DITAxPresso

Get the most out of your DITA-XML source platform with seamless integration to GitHub. Streamline your unstructured content production process and easily manage, edit, and publish structured content. Reduce cost and hassle while ensuring all output is branded and up to standards.

Plug in and Publish

Automate Your DITA Publishing Workflows.

Quickly edit, build, author, and publish your DITA files using three accessible content sources – GitHub, DITA CMS, and Cloud Platforms. DITAxPresso is a cost-friendly software suite for all users to quickly modify, build, and publish existing DITA maps with minimal effort.

What is DITAxPresso?

DITAxPresso is a collaboration solution for DITA-XML source platform and SaaS hosting services like AWS, Google Cloud, and Netlify CMS. DITAxPresso allows quick integration with GitHub to manage, edit, and publish your DITA-XML content effortlessly.

Save time and energy with DITAxPresso!
Get the job done without any extra hands on XSLT and CSS. With three very accessible content sources, i.e., GitHub, DITA CMS, and Cloud Platforms, quickly modify, build, and publish existing DITA maps with ease.

With DITAxPresso, it is as easy as making a cup of espresso. Simply,

Connect to the GitHub project that contains DITA source content.

Edit DITA content if needed.

Publish using custom-made yet out-of-the-box plugins for PDF, HTML, and HTML5 formats.

Leverage GitHub for DITA-XML based documentation using DITAxPresso.

Out-of-the box features to manage, edit, and publish DITA documents.

Get access to editing and publishing DITA documents on the go using DITAxPresso.

GDPR compliant that enables your organization’s GitHub for DITA projects.

DITAxPresso connects through various sites or cloud services using API integration and generates a direct pipeline enabling you to publish multiple sets.


Get the most out of your DITA files with DITAxPresso. Quickly edit, build, and publish your content to GitHub, DITA CMS, or Cloud Platforms and save time while you do it. Our cost-effective software suite is designed for both experienced users of DITA and those just getting started.

Add your personal touch with plugin customization.

Make your work even more unique and personalized with DITAxPresso's plugin customization and personalization features. Add logos and customize the plugins to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for you and your users. With DITAxPresso, make the most of your existing DITA maps by editing, building, and publishing them quickly and cost-effectively.

Effortlessly manage DITA-XML sources.

With DITAxPresso, you don’t have to worry about complex XSLT and CSS processes. Manage your DITA-XML sources easily, allowing you to create, edit, build, author, and publish your content quickly and cost-effectively—access three accessible content sources without breaking a sweat.

Easily design documents without XSLT.

Get the power to design beautiful and efficient documents without learning or using XSLT. DITAxPresso makes it easy and accessible for anyone with an existing DITA map to modify, build, and publish their work quickly. Save time, money, and effort with a cost-friendly software suite that gives you more control and flexibility.

DITA solution for SMBs

Quickly edit, build, and publish your DITA files with access to three content sources: GitHub, DITA CMS, and Cloud Platforms. Enjoy cost-effective software for both DITA users and non-DITA users alike. DITAxPresso is an interoperability utility tool to migrate your DITA content from cloud applications like GitHub and DITA CMS to any cloud or local hosting server. DITAxPresso can be easily integrated with cloud services like AWS, GCP, or Netlify.

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