Publish DITA-XML Content Effortlessly with DITAxPresso.

Quickly integrate with GitHub, manage, edit, and publish your DITA-XML content with DITAxPresso. It is the perfect solution for smaller organizations to create branded and standards-compliant outputs without hassle.

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Streamline Your Technical Documentation with DITAxPresso.

  • DITAxPresso is an interoperability utility that makes DITA-XML source handling, editing, and publishing without much effort.
  • With three very accessible content sources, i.e. GitHub, DITA CMS and Cloud Platforms, DITAxPresso helps in smooth editing, building, authoring,and publishing of your DITA files.
  • DITAxPresso is a cost-friendly software suite for DITA-users as well as non-DITA users to quickly modify, build, and publish existing DITA maps quickly.
  • DITAxPresso provides access to use not only one but all three content sources together at your expected budget.
  • DITAxPresso allows you to make changes to your documents as per your need.
  • With easy API Integrations ,we create a direct pipeline that helps you publish your documents easily.


Customizable Plugins

DITAxPresso provides unique plugin customization and personalization benefits by adding logos and corporate themes.

Quick Publishing

DITAxPresso will save you time with fewer clicks to generate PDF, HTML, and HTML5 outputs.

High ROI

DITAxPresso does the work you require effortlessly without any extra hands on XSLT and CSS.

Library On Demand

DITAxPresso offers a huge range of ready-made modifiable plugins and a simple structured flow to guide you.

High User Experience

DITAxPresso has a simple design and interface for effortless document designing without an XSLT and CSS expert.

Budget- Friendly

DITAxPresso is built on an open source platform, permitting you to publish, edit, and author multiple sets of DITA documents at minimal cost.


Get Hands On Single Source Of Content Management

Save time and money on your next DITA XML project by connecting to the GitHub project that contains your source content. With DITAxPresso, you can manage, edit, and publish your output quickly and easily – all while maintaining standards, branding, and accuracy. DocManager is all you need to stream your content in a single repository from source repositories.

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Edit Your Documents Anytime with DITAxPresso

Keep your technical publications up-to-date, on-brand, and accurate with DITAxPresso. Quickly integrate with GitHub to manage, edit, and publish your DITA XML content without the hassle. Get the most out of your existing infrastructure, and create a seamless publishing experience for everyone involved. DITAxPresso’s quick conditional and context-based map-building mechanism lets you edit and publish the content that you choose, and publish what you want.

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Get Best Publishing Experience through DITAxPresso DITA Open Tools

Streamline your technical publishing process with DITAxPresso and its out-of-the-box plugins for PDF, HTML, and HTML5 formats. Publish your content quickly and cost-effectively with custom branding and standards without the hassle. With DITAxPresso, generate the output in PDF, HTML, and HTML5 from your DITAmaps.

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